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Do you have a book report due?

Even if you love to read, you don’t always have free time when a book report is due. Here are other things you need to do besides reading:

  • Finish homework

  • Conquer video games

  • Walk the dog

  • Listen to music

  • Complete chores

  • Stream videos

  • Play sports 

  • Visit grandparents

  • Text friends

That’s why we’re here. Book Report Hero is the place to find great books that are no more than 49,999 words. Period.

That’s 1 weekend to read the book before writing your report. Peruse our titles—listed alphabetically—and find one you can blast through this weekend.


Book report books don’t have to be a kazillion pages! Who has time for that much reading?

You can write an awesome book report on a book that has 49,999 words or less. That means more time for doing what YOU want to do!

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