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Do you have a book report due?

Even if you love to read, you don’t always have free time when a book report is due. Here are other things you need to do besides reading:

  • Finish homework

  • Conquer video games

  • Walk the dog

  • Listen to music

  • Complete chores

  • Stream videos

  • Play sports 

  • Visit grandparents

  • Text friends

That’s why we’re here. Book Report Hero is the place to find great books that are no more than 49,999 words. Period.

That’s 1 weekend to read the book before writing your report. Peruse our titles—listed alphabetically—and find one you can blast through this weekend.

Join The 40,000 Club (TOTALLY FREE!) and crush your book reports!


What Is The 40,000 Club?

Book report books don’t have to be a kazillion pages! Who has time for that much reading?

You can write an awesome book report on a book that has 49,999 words or less. That means more time for doing what YOU want to do!

JOIN The 40,000 Club today & become part of the society for smart kids who don’t waste valuable time reporting on super-long books!

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